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Teeuwen Timber Trading B.V. is an agency located in the Netherlands for suppliers in South-East Asia, West-Africa, and South America. TTT, together with her suppliers, are specialised in tropical hardwood rough sawn timber, semi-finised and finshed products.

Customer base are main importers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Poland and Italy.

Teeuwen Timber Trading B.V. is member of NATA (Netherlands Association of Timber Agents) and LHC (London Hardwood Club).

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Tropical Hardwood Species of the World

TeeuwenTimberTrading B.V. supplies tropical timbers for applications such as;
joinery, doors, exterior decking and cladding, interior parquet, interior mouldings, truck flooring and marine works.

South America

Origin: Brasil • Peru • Bolivia

Species: Angelim Pedra | Angelim Vermelho | Angelim Amargosa | Basralocus | Cambara | Cedero | Cumaru | Cupiuba | Curupixa | Garapa | Guariuba | Ipé | Itauba | Jatoba | Mandioqueira | Massaranduba | Marupa | Muiracatiara | Piquia | Sucupira Preta | Tatajuba

Exported products: exterior decking / underconstruction, truck flooring, garden tiles, rough sawn timber

Applications: joinery, flooring, exterior decking / cladding, interior parquet, marine works


Origin: Cameroon • Republic du Congo (Brazzaville) • Ghana • Gabon • Liberia • Ivory Coast

Species: Aformosia | Ayous | Azobé | Bilinga | Bubinga | Dabema | Doussie | Frake | Framiré | Iroko | Kosipo | Khaya | Koto | Limbali | Moabi | Movingue | Mukulungu | Niangon | Niové | Okan | Okoumé | Padouk | Sapeli | Sipo | Tali | Wengé

Exported products: exterior decking / underconstruction, fingerjoint/laminated components, rough sawn timber, logs

Applications: joinery, flooring, exterior decking / cladding, interior parquet, doors, marine works

South-East Asia

Origin: Malaysia • Indonesia

Species: Yellow Ballau | Red Ballau | Kapur | Keruing | Meranti DUC / Nemesu / Seraya / Bukit | Bintangor | Merbau | Durian | Jelutong | Mengkulang

Exported products: exterior decking / underconstruction, KOMO & NON-KOMO fingerjoint/laminated components, half-lap truck flooring, natural mouldings, white primed mouldings, industial flooring, door lippings, garden tiles, rough sawn timber

Applications: joinery, flooring, exterior decking / cladding, interior parquet, doors

For extra technical details

about species, products and/or applications please contact Frank Teeuwen by

23000+ Different kinds of trees


Softwoods account of the world’s timber production

Highest tree “General Sherman"


Rough sawn timber

TTT supplies rough sawn timber from three tropical continents in many species and qualities for several different applications. Depending on the source, all timber is minimum EUTR compliant up going to third party verified or sustainably certified.


Due to special cut sizes in marine timbers or uniformity in colour and structure for interior exclusive projects, logs in different qualities are today still highly demanded in several European countries.


Mouldings are produced in both solid and finger joint/laminated form. Profiles in tropical hardwoods can we supplied with a primer or even finished coating depending on the application. Glazing beads, skirting boards, chambranten, par, window board, balcony boards and special industrial flooring are all examples of moulded possibilities.

Semi-finished products

Mainly from South-East Asia and Africa, the supply of semi-finished products such as KOMO & NON-KOMO laminated / finger jointed components in different species is growing in new markets. TTT supplies these products in a variety of sections and lengths in either solid or finger jointed / laminated constructions with natural or white primed faces. Special demanded products can be produced on request.

Finished products

For exterior use, profiled decking, underconstruction, tiles and fences are available in many species from all three tropical continents each having their own characteristics and markets. For interior use, hardwood doorframes with white prime find there ways to the DIY and professional building industry.

Timber prestige applications

Cadzand Cumaru

Cadzand Cumaru Cadzand, the Netherlands. A new port constructed and decorated with Cumaru. Cumaru is famous timber for its high durability for marine timber and water work construction (Dipteryx in the family of Leguminosae). In Cadzand, they show that Cumaru can also...

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Lifespan Solid Select. NEW!

Lifespan Solid Select

Lifespan outer wall cladding is produced out of 100% FSC solid Radiate Pine from New Zealand. These products have a very high durability due to its high quality impregnation of 100%. Life span, which carries a 15 year guaranty on the lumber, has a superior primer finish & low maintenance and is available in many profiles with and without tongue & groove.

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Angelim Vermelho staging

Angelim Vermelho staging This very durable timber species Angelim Vermelho is often used for marine works and landscaping where much water is involved. Botanical name of this fine product: Dinizia excelsa Ducke        [gallery link="file" class="fancybox"...

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